In Vogue

My little Blue tit has made the 'If you like, you'll love' feature in March's Vogue(UK edition)
Hooray for him!


Elle Decoration UK

My little Siskin is making a tiny cameo appearance in this months Elle's a bit of a hide and seek game, but he's there...perched on some cushions...





I had some lovely commissions at the end of the year and didn't manage to post up any photos.
Here are 2 of them...a beautiful Curlew made for a couple from good old Yorkshire, and a delightful little Eastern bluebird, commissioned as a surprise for someone's Mother...
...commissions are always a bit daunting because I worry my representation won't live up to what the customer has imagined...but so far so good!


Where do my birds go to?..

Over the years of selling my little creatures, I've occasionally received photos of them in their new home. It's lovely to see where they end up and what new sights they behold.
This month I received a lovely email out of the blue from a talented photographer/artist, Peter Yankowski...who sent me this fab photo! Isn't it wonderful?!

...and it got me to thinking how lovely it would be to continue this sort of thing so I can share with you where my birds go when they leave me, but this of course relies upon their new owners sending me some photos, so we can only sit tight and hope!...


On the 6th Day of Christmas..

...a lovely customer sent to me...
this beautiful photo of her new friend enjoying the snow!
Thank you Sarah, it's such a pretty photo.