Serval - Wooden Idol

Serval - Wooden Idol



An utterly unique hand-carved wooden Serval idol. Created by Abigail from found wood that she has carefully carved, assembled and painted, adding final detail in natural objects and metal detector finds.
This collection of idols draws inspiration from ancient cultures; their amulets, idols and ceremonial costumes.

“Each piece of wood I find has such individual qualities and details that already feel they have a destined purpose, an animal they are showing certain characteristics of and should be carved into fully becoming.”

Abigail works mostly with a small carving knife but also hand saws, chisels, belt sanders and a dremel tool to create each piece, adding the final detail in paint; soft subtle colours that bring each piece to life.

Created for wall display with a tiny hook at the back to hang it from.

Measuring: 47cm full height (top of ears to tip of cloak).

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