Following a wonderfully inspiring, highly emotional visit to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A, I wanted to celebrate Frida Kahlo’s colourful style and vivacity in a one-off collection of fabric art dolls.

Perhaps best known for her traditional Mexican folk dress, it was really interesting to see amongst the Mexican clothing and jewellery, blouses from Europe and a beautiful embroidered silk Chinese dress featured in her wardrobe.

I loved the idea of drawing elements from different cultures into one outfit, celebrating their different styles, fabrics, designs alongside each other. It felt very inclusive and open, and this was something I wanted to celebrate too.

This first Frida inspired doll features fabrics I have had in my collection for 18 years!! The red floral fabric forming the bottom part of her skirt is a beautiful batik fabric I found in Bali in 2005, the hand embroidered patch on her chest is a section of vintage Indian ribbon I found in London years ago and her scarf is from a vintage Indian sari I bought for my wedding last year.
All these pieces have been waiting for their purpose to be found and it was wonderful to bring them all together in celebration of such an incredibly inspirational woman.

Thank you Frida! x

This piece is intended for display only, not as a toy for small children. It is very delicate and should be handled with care.
There is a hand stitched loop of the back of her head, for the purpose of wall display.

She measures: 47cm height

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