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Abigail is an artist and illustrator based in London, England. Working from her colourful, creature and plant filled studio in Walthamstow, east London, she makes each piece herself by hand. As such, every animal is unique - crafted from fabric or paper mâché with love and great care. Her work has been sold and exhibited around the world and featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle Decoration and Selvedge. She is proud to name Liberty and Paul Smith among stockists of her work. Recent collaborations include Anthropologie, The Land of Nod and Mamas & Papas. 

‘As a child I spent hours in the care of my seamstress Grandma & her love of textiles very quickly became my own. From a ‘raggy bag’ of fabric scraps she gave me when I was 5, a magnificent collection of fabric of every colour, shade and texture has grown, and now creates a rainbow wall of colour in my plant filled studio.

I am excited by the opportunity to create life from cloth, working with its weave to mould shapes, form feathered breasts, hind legs and snouts. With the final placing of the eyes a new life is born! 

My desire to constantly create has more recently led me into paper mâché, working with it as I do with fabric - twisting, folding and scrunching, building up in layers to craft creatures, gods and dolls anew. 

The Animal Kingdom will always be my primary inspiration. Now more than ever we must trumpet from the rooftops the wonder and diversity of nature, in the face of deforestation, poaching and habitat loss.

Travels to faraway lands have evoked a fascination with different cultures' folk art, ceremony and costume - as well as the resident wildlife! This is also reflected in my work. Every adventure I take - from Japan to Mexico - snippets of costume, carved wooden animals, painted paper masks catch my attention and find their way home with me. Back in the studio - trinkets and treasures fuse with my imagination and all is funneled into each new creation.’


Commissions are always welcome, so please contact Abigail if you are interested in something you can’t see in the current collections.